Humane Society of the Ohio Valley Marietta, OH

90 Mount Tom Road  Marietta, OH  45750

Phone 740 373-5959

Humane Society of the Ohio Valley Information

90 Mt. Tom Road

Marietta, OH  45750

Phone 740 373-5959

Fax 740 373-9060

Shelter Contact Information

To Become a Volunteer - Email Scott Fitch at

Canine Rescue/Adoptions - Steve Herron/Ex. Director/Manager at 373-5959)
Celeste Ridgway-Rescue Coordinator at

Feline Rescue/Adoptions - Email Steve Herron at
Sharon Paul at

Shelter Hours

12  Noon - 5 pm

Monday - Friday

10am - 4pm

By Appointment Only Sunday

The Humane Society of the Ohio Valley is located at 90  Mt. Tom road across from the Washington County Home.

The Humane Society of the Ohio Valley is located on Mt. Tom road across from the Washington County Home. It is about 1 mile from the intersection of St. Rt. 7 at the stop light in front of Lowes and Country House Lane.

Adoption Fees

Adoption fees for Dogs and Puppies range from  $42.75 - $117.75 depending on shots and vetting.

Adoption fees for Cats & Kittens range from $25 to $40.00 depending on shots and vetting.

Elected Board of Directors
President-Kelly Schubert

Vice President-Cheryl Hall

Treasurer-Becky Jonhston

Secretary-Celeste Ridgway

Janie Snell

Carol McKitrick

Michelle Gaughan

Elisha Constable

Chad Skinner

Membership-Marlene Delaney

Spay Neuter-Cheryl Hall, Brenda Smith, Elisha Constable

Fundraising-Tiffany Insley

Committee Heads
Website Photographer - Sharon Paul

Newsletter - Sharon Paul

Nominations - Jim Baldinger

Canine Rescue Chairperson - Celeste Ridgeway

Feline Rescue Chairperson - Sharon Paul

Building & Grounds - Ron & Juanita Becker

Operations Committee - Becky Johnston, Kelly Schubert, Cheryl Hall

Fundraising- vacant ****

Spay?Neuter- Becky Johnston

Membership- Marlene Delaney

Website maintained by Jeff Steinel

Shelter Personnel
Executive Director/Shelter Manager-Steve Herron

Adoption Clerk - Sharon Morris

Humane Officer & CET - Dennis Allen (Butch) Morris

Assistant Humane Officer & CET - Levi Seevers

Kennel Techs
Levi Seevers - Kennel Supervisor, CET
Bill Hagy - Kennel Tech
Barry Boice - Kennel Tech
Kory Gilbert - Kennel Tech
Jacob Ridgway - Kennel Tech
Rachel Leopold - Kennel Tech & Supervisor


1.  Dog at Large - Dog Warden

2.  Dog License - Dog Warden/County Auditor

3.  Livestock Loss (due to dog) - Dog Warden

4.  Barking Dog - Local Law Enforcement

5.  Domestic Animal (other than dogs or cats) running loose - Township Trustee

6.  Dead Animal on street or highway - city, township, county street or Road Dept.

7.  Domestic Animal injured, abused, neglected, or unlawfully killed - Humane Officer

8.  Nuisance Animal (coons, skunks, rats, bats, etc) - Nuisance Trapper/Wildlife Game Warden

9.  Animal Bites - city or county health department




Auditors Office -  373-6623 (ext 338)

Dog Warden -  373-6623 (ext 204) 

       Steve Strahler  - (pager) 376-7747 
-(cell) 350-3194

Wildlife protector  - Eric Bear (voice mail) 740-589-9998

Marietta Police Dept.   -  373-4141

Sheriff Dept.   -  373-2833

Washington Co. Health Dept. -  374-2782

Water/Soil/Wildlife Division  - Karle 373-4857

Nuisance Trapper -  Fredrick Miller -  373-1209  - Harold Adams  374-9507

Game Warden -  (cell) 740-589-9930

Parkersburg Humane Society -  304-422-5541

Humane Officer  - Butch Morris  pager - 376-2346

Marietta City Health Dept. -   373-0611

Critter Control  -  Bob Chapman  423-5616

Thank You  to the many people
and Sponsors
that support

If you would like be become a sponsor,
please contact
740 373-5959


HSOV, Inc. is funded in part by:

Fund Raising Activities, Services provided to the City of Marietta and the Washington County Commissioners, Marietta Community Foundation, Memorial Contributions and Bequests, Private and Business Donations

FrogNet donates the internet service for the HSOV Website free. Thank You FrogNet