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The Humane Society of the Ohio Valley is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is: To prevent cruelty to animals and to relieve their suffering; to extend humane education together with such allied purposes and programs as are consistent with or as may subsequently come into being as a result of amending the charter and/or by-laws of the HSOV; to effect vigilance and inspection when and where warranted concerning the care and treatment of animals in the area served by the HSOV, including cruelty to animals; to give vigorous support for the purpose of improving anti-cruelty and animal control laws; to work toward the solution of overpopulation of animals; to promote and share responsibility for the proper care and placement of animals; and to oppose the release of any animal from public and private animal shelters for the purpose of biomedical research or any other purpose inhumane to animals, and to oppose any measure, administrative or legislative, that would make these practices permissible.

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Facility Underwriting Opportunities

There is a constant need for upkeep and upgrades to our facility to maintain and improve conditions for the many animals in our care. If you or your company would like to contribute professional services to help with our building and grounds, please contact Mr. Steve Herron, Executive Director/Manager, at 740-373-5959 Ext. 6.


Shelter Contact Information

To Become a Volunteer - Email Scott Fitch at

Canine Rescue/Adoptions - Steve Herron/Ex. Director/Manager at 373-5959
Celeste Ridgway-Rescue Coordinator at

Feline Rescue/Adoptions - Email Steve Herron at
Sharon Paul at


Click on License Plate to to learn how to support the Ohio Spay and Neuter Program



We are always in great need of foster homes to help care for young puppies and kittens. We often have pregnant cats or dogsthat should be in a private home setting to have their litters. If you can open your heart to help, please call: (740) 373 5959

We work with many rescue groups that help to find homes for our unwanted animals. If you know of a rescue group that can help us or are part of a group that wants to help, please call or email us:

(740) 373 5959   or
or fill out our Rescue Application and return it to us:
Rescue Application

We are asking for donations of :

Aluminum Cans

We recycle  the cans and receive cash

Please see our Wish List for other items we need

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If you would like be become a sponsor,
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HSOV, Inc. is funded in part by:

Fund Raising Activities, Services provided to the City of Marietta and the Washington County Commissioners, Marietta Community Foundation, Memorial Contributions and Bequests, Private and Business Donations

FrogNet donates the internet service for the HSOV Website free. Thank You FrogNet